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A variety of free courses, educational resources, and activities are available to empower participants with the skills and knowledge to help their families thrive.

Educational Courses

Check out the class calendar to find out about upcoming classes. To register for a class, call 719-866-6535.  Some courses are only offered on a seasonal schedule.

Class Calendar

This free 3-hour introductory childbirth class taught by a registered nurse. The course is designed to answer questions about labor and delivery for expectant parents.

Download Childbirth Flyer

This Parent Training Program designed by the Love and Logic Institute, Inc. is a free one hour class per week for seven consecutive weeks.   The parenting class curriculum is designed to give you practical parenting skills. Course materials are provided at no charge.

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This free nurturing Program for Prenatal Families® features 2-hour classes over an 8-week period.  The prenatal classes help parents learn ways to bond with their baby, review ages and stages of infant development, and much more.  Showers of Support, free baby showers, are offered to first-time parents who complete the course.

Download Prenatal Nurturing Class Flyer

Early Childhood Development

Early childhood education is crucial for the success of any child.  Catholic Charities offers resources and early childhood education programs to help you and your child.

Bright By Three offers parents of children aged 0-3 with tools, information, and resources to empower them to be the first and most influential teacher in their child’s life.  Age appropriate books are distributed to children ages 0-5 throughout several of Catholic Charities programs.  Information on early childhood education and development is provided to parents along with the books.

Low-cost enriched child care is available for the children of English as a Second Language students who attend offsite classes.  Enriched child care is led by a trained child care worker who engages children in interactive reading circles.  Cost is $25 per semester per child.

ESL Info

Family Enrichment

Family Enrichment is part of an overall program of healthy engagement, encouraging struggling families to participate in coaching and programs that will benefit the family in their journey towards self-sufficiency.  However not every family is ready to commit to a deeper level of engagement so enrichment opportunities are offered at two levels:

  • Catholic Charities safety-net services are for families who are not invested in a deeper level of case management/family life coaching, but need emergency support services such as the children’s clothing closet or help with basic needs (diapers, formula, and baby food).  These families qualify for the Birthday Gifts for Children and Layettes for New Moms programs.
  • Incentive-based programs for Healthy Engagement are directed at families who are involved in case management/family life coaching at a much deeper level.  These families earn points based on that engagement and can receive additional needed items for their children.

New Birthday gift bags are provided to families in-need who sign up in advance. Caring community partners help provide birthday goodie bags to children ages 0-17.

Expectant parents are provided with a special layette containing many of the necessities for the arrival of their child.  Layettes are available to parents up to one-month before their due date.

Several Catholic Charities educational courses can help you earn Kidz Kash.  Kidz Kash can be spent in the Kidz Klozet for needed baby items such a clothes, toys, and books.  Call 719-578-1222 for more information.

The free course provides information about car seat safety and safe sleep practices for children.  Upon completing the course, families receive a free car seat or Pack n’ Play portable crib.  This program is based on funding availability.

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