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 These inspiring stories of clients, volunteers, and donors only represent a small portion of all the beautiful and uplifting moments that happen at Catholic Charities of Central Colorado.

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“We had a Catholic Charities where I was originally from, but the services they provide here are so unique and supportive.”

After escaping a domestic violence situation, Sarah was homeless for five years. She found Catholic Charities, where the unique and personal assistance helped her start a new life. Sarah’s story is one of determination and hope.

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“It’s feeding the extrovert in me and my need to be compassionate with people.”
Jason has multiple sclerosis. He insists, “I am not M.S. I have M.S. but I’m way more than that.” Years ago, he came to the Soup Kitchen with his family for meals and other necessities to help make ends meet. Today, the Soup Kitchen is Jason’s home away from home, where he can receive a hot, nutritious meal and socialize when his family is busy.

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Rickey grew up on a farm in Lousiana and held many jobs growing up that didn’t require reading.  Then life got tough and not being able to read became a problem, especially when he was figuring out life after divorce.  But when he sought out help at Catholic Charities, a volunteer quickly figured out Rickey needed more than just a pair of socks and helped him become more literate.
Adoption/Life Connections Client and Daughter

Emma & Jessica

When Jessica chose adoption, she knew it was the best decision for her birth daughter, Emma, and for herself.  Catholic Charities facilitated the adoption using the Open Adoption model, where the birth-parents and adoptive parents are known and have an ongoing relationship with each other.  As Emma grew older and became interested in her birth mother, her adoptive parents arranged for a special meeting that truly benefits the entire family.
Velda Baker a Volunteer Nurse

Medical Services Offered at Catholic Charities Reduces Strain on Local Emergency Rooms

Every month, people experiencing poverty or homelessness, including seniors and anyone who cannot afford co-pays or a hospital visit, come to Catholic Charities’ Marian House, where partners provide them with courteous, personalized care. These are people who have slipped through the cracks, and the Marian House is their safety net, which catches them before they fall into more serious health problems.
a mother and son playing in the family day center

Jennifer & Steve

Jennifer and Steve were ready to start a new life after Steve left the military.  When work did not come as quickly as expected, the family exhausted their funds and found themselves living in their car. Catholic Charities’ Family Day Center provided a place of refuge where the family could access the resources they needed to get back on their feet.
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“I’m not trying to cause any harm in the United States. I’m just trying to do better for myself and for my family.”
Karina came the United States with her mother and sister when she was just 11 years old. By the time she was 17, her life in the U.S. was all she really knew.  Catholic Charities helped Karina apply for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) so that she could pursue opportunities in the country that she calls home.
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“I was broken, they were broken. We kind of related to each other. I get to know these people and I feel so enriched by it.”
Marcy has volunteered at the Marian House Soup Kitchen for over 15 years. She knows many clients by name and helps to creating a welcoming community for those who often feel unwelcome elsewhere. She says, “I’m blessed to be able to work with them and get to know them and just be there for them.”

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