Family Mentor Alliance

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Hanifen Center at Marian House
14 West Bijou Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Hours of Operations:
Monday – Friday
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

FMA Director – Michelle Swanson, MSW

Family Mentor Alliance (FMA) provides mentoring services to families experiencing homelessness so through the sharing of practical life skills, they can move from homelessness to stable housing, and an improved quality of life.  FMA strives to promote hope and purpose to those in need through relationships that empower the family to invest in their own lives for a better future.

Originally begun at Springs Rescue Mission, the Family Mentor Alliance moved to Catholic Charities of Central Colorado in July 2016.  It is located at the Marian House Complex and is part of Catholic Charities’ Family Resource Campus where families can receive a plethora of services to help them move towards stability.

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The Family Mentor Alliance is based on the One Congregation / One Family model, which works with local congregations and community partners to respond to families facing homelessness.  Over a six-month period, through structured mentoring in the areas of family budgeting and other life skills, families benefit from the encouragement of relational support and learning from the mentoring of their Congregant Team.  They are able to develop a realistic and workable budget based on their income, find housing, and break the cycle of homelessness and housing insecurity.  This in turn creates a more stable and stronger family unit.


The Family Mentor Alliance provides opportunities for congregants to learn about the mission of FMA and participate in trainings to become part of a mentor team.  Training is conducted by FMA staff and previous mentors.  Congregations also provide financial support to help move families out of homelessness: $1500/family/team to help with first month’s rent, deposits, or to remove other barriers that keep a family from becoming housed.


  • Attend training and receive mentor manual, financial & parenting workbooks and schedule of classes
  • Serve on a team with 3—6 volunteers who share and support each other and the family
  • Serve on the team for 6—7 months
  • Offer friendship and encouragement while also teaching budgeting and life skills
  • Have the additional support of Case Management from the FMA team

Families Served

TJ & Jessica & Family croppedFamilies we serve have different family compositions – single and two parent families, grandparents/relatives and other legal guardians, but all families meet the following criteria:

  • Homeless:  couch-surfing, facing eviction, on the streets, shelter or other emergency housing program
  • Family must include a child under the age of 18, or a parent-to-be in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy
  • Head of household must have gainful employment or regular income (ie:  disability or SSI income)
  • Family must be able to meet reasonable monthly expenses (after budgeting with mentors)
  • All involved family members must be free of any felony charges in past 12 months and submit to background checks
  • Be able to pass drug screening

“Our mentors are like the mom and dad we never had growing up.  The Family Mentor Alliance changed our lives. I don’t know where we’d be without them.” – Randy & Amber

“They not only helped us achieve financial stability, they helped us become better people and gave us a tighter bond in our family.” – Isaac & Alicia


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