Pregnancy Counseling & Support Services

shutterstock_19952593 adjustedAn untimely pregnancy can cause great anxiety. If you are pregnant, you may feel frightened or alone. You may have many decisions to make and may think that your choices are limited. Our program includes helping you evaluate your immediate needs and finding resources to meet those needs. Our counseling is focused on helping you deal with the reality of your situation and assisting you to make the best choice for you and your baby.

At Catholic Charities, we have over 40 years of experience in helping families of all faiths, races, nationalities, and circumstances with their decisions. Our services, based upon the value and dignity of human life, are offered to all regardless of religious affiliation, and are conducted in a non-judgmental, non-directive and confidential manner.  The staff at Catholic Charities is here for parents during this difficult time. We offer help to anyone in need through our free pregnancy counseling services. We provide confidential counseling and referrals to medical, financial, and housing resources.   For more information on agency licensing and accreditation, click here.

Keeping the well-being of the child as our primary focus, we can assist you with the following options:

  • Parenting Your Baby
  • Prenatal Nurturing Classes
  • Getting Linked to a Parenting Mentor
  • Domestic Adoption

For confidential information, call 719-866-6535

Parenting your baby:

With the decision to parent, we:

  • Offer services to help expectant parents take a realistic look at the responsibilities of parenthood.
  • Provide practical information about locating and using community resources.
  • Provide information about child development and infant care.
  • Discuss solutions to challenges you may face at school and work.
  • Assist you with developing and strengthening healthy relationships.
  • Provide information to care for yourself and your baby during pregnancy.
  • Provide referrals concerning financial needs and available assistance.
  • Help you talk with your baby’s father and both families involved.
  • Offer a prenatal parenting education program.
  • Can provide a mentor who is a caring individual or couple able to listen to you and offer guidance, support and encouragement aimed at bringing out the strengths of a new parent

Open Adoption

With the decision to place your baby for adoption:

  • We can provide information about the adoption process.
  • Assist you with developing and strengthening healthy relationships.
  • Encourage active participation in creating your adoption plan.
  • Facilitate your selecting the adoptive family from families that our agency has evaluated and prepared for adoption.  For more information on Open Adoption, click here.
  • Arrange for you to meet the selected adoptive family face-to-face.
  • Help you build and maintain an ongoing relationship with the adoptive family you have selected.
  • Offer ongoing post-relinquishment counseling.
  • Review your responsibilities to yourself and your baby.
  • Facilitate communication with all those that are significant in your life.

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