Marian House Life Support

La'Kesha receives a layette for her new baby.

La’Kesha receives a layette for her new baby.

Marian House Life Support has served as a strong advocate for children in the Pikes Peak region for 30 years. The intent of the Center is to cushion the impact of poverty on infants and children by providing parents with essential living items to keep their children healthy and safe.

Parents who visit Life Support are welcomed into a nurturing, bi-lingual environment that focuses on fostering trust between advocates and clients to maximize the program’s benefits for the entire family. Trained, volunteer advocates help parents delineate their children’s basic needs through the intake process. Once needs are determined, the program offers families the opportunity to “shop” for clothing, blankets, baby equipment, supplies and new toys from the Life Support shopping area.  Mothers of infants receive diapers, formula and baby food. The Life Support program’s intent is to help families bridge the gap during a crisis; services are not intended to be long-term.

Pregnant mothers can shop for maternity clothing.  One month prior to their due date, expectant mothers are able to return to the office for layettes consisting of all new items necessary to bring a newborn home. Children of current clients are registered for the Christmas and Birthday Buddies programs and receive a new toy and new item of clothing on each occasion. School supplies also are available to children of clients.

The program has limited FEMA funding available for rent and utilities assistance and is a COPE agency in order to help families with utilities when they have a shut off notice. However, Life Support primarily focuses on providing other basic items so that clients can devote what money they have to core expenses such as housing.

Through the intake process, Life Support advocates also identify other services and classes that may be of assistance to the family. Specific referrals to the agencies providing these services are made as appropriate. As a step toward the case-management model, the program employs a licensed counselor (20 hrs/week) to work with families who could benefit from additional support and show a willingness to participate in the process.

Hours of operation are:  Monday through Friday – 9:00am – 2:00pm

For more information please call 719-578-1222.

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