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Our Mission

Grounded in the Gospel call to bring forth the Kingdom of God on earth, the Mission of the Office of Parish Social Ministries is to assist parishes in serving the poor and vulnerable in their respective communities and to grow in love with God and neighbor through Catholic Social Teaching: charity, justice, solidarity and subsidiarity.

Our Vision

Guided by the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity based on Catholic Social Doctrine, the Vision of the Office of Parish Social Ministries is to provide a Catholic response to the poor and the marginalized on the most local level which is found in our neighborhood and community parishes. Through this network of parishes actively engaged in the social mission of the Church, the Diocese of Colorado Springs will promote the principles of Catholic Social Teaching to create more just social structures.


Corey Almond, 719-866-6510,

Parish Ambassadors Program


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Purpose: To increase good communication and connection between the parishes and Catholic Charities for the benefit of all.

Catholic Charities of Central Colorado seeks not only to walk with those in need, but to engage the community in the same. Catholic Charities is the charitable arm of the Catholic diocese of Colorado Springs, and hence is an extension of the parish community as well. The people of the parish communities lift up the work that is done on a daily basis at Catholic Charities, and are a source of strength and connection through the Body of Christ which animates its very operation. Parish Ambassadors nourish that connection of the parish community to Catholic Charities and vice versa.

One or two volunteers serve as Parish Ambassadors to Catholic Charities from each parish. The current goal is for every parish to have an Ambassador. Those at the parish know best how that parish participates and works with Catholic Charities and are the best kind of Ambassador. If your parish still needs an Ambassador, please give us a call.

Volunteer Parish Ambassadors commit to:

One meeting every other month (2 hour)
1) Half-day training at Catholic Charities
2) Helping with communications, referrals, and any collaborative efforts (collaborative efforts are optional and different for each parish. An example would be a clothing drive or trip to the Marian House for parish staff). See “duties” below.

Duties of the Parish Ambassador Volunteer

• To assist in establishing strong communication channels between Catholic Charities and the parish (placement of Catholic Charities materials at the parish, updating contact information for Catholic Charities and the parish).
• To help the parish pastor, staff, volunteers and parishioners understand Catholic Charities and how it can help assist those in need.
• To attend Parish Ambassador meetings every quarter.
• To share pertinent items from the parish at Ambassador meetings (initiatives and news of interest).
• To give feedback on items from Catholic Charities so that we can better our mission.

Candidates for Parish Ambassador will be selected and screened by Catholic Charities staff with the input of the parish pastor. An ideal Parish Ambassador will be involved with the life of the parish and have a desire to understand and speak about the work of Catholic Charities.


Contact: Corey Almond, 719-866-6510,

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