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Sponsorship Details

For sponsors, the program not only provides a very low cost per thousand (CPM), a desired marketing outcome in any advertising program, it also enables sponsors to be seen as a caring community supporter: a business with a conscience.

The Marian House Sponsor-a-Day Program enables businesses, churches, schools, fraternal organizations, a board of directors, groups, families, and individuals to sponsor the meals served at the Marian House Soup Kitchen for a specific day. The day can be sponsored or designated in honor of an entity such as an individual, organization, business, etc., by pairing the sponsorship with a meaningful day or anniversary.

To Sponsor-A-Day call 719-866-6427

Sponsorship Benefits

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A sponsorship costs $1,500 per day. Sponsors benefit by full recognition with their name on the sponsorship sign in front of the Marian House Soup Kitchen, located on Bijou Street at the entrance and exit of downtown Colorado Springs. Sponsors are also recognized through our internal print publications and all of our digital media outlets (including our website, Facebook page and Twitter account). Ultimately, the total program impressions are estimated at 159,755 impressions at $9.37 CPM.

A sponsorship is eligible for the 25% State Tax Credit through El Paso County Enterprise Zone. Sponsors also have the opportunity to volunteer on the day of their sponsorship. Sponsors may choose to designate their day on an important holiday, a special anniversary, or in honor of a loved one.

  • A church could request a corresponding Saint’s Feast Day
    • –Holy Trinity Church could sponsor Trinity Sunday
  • Families or individuals might wish to share a sponsor day in honor of a loved one or an event
    • “Today’s meal is sponsored by Mary Smith”
    • “Today’s meal is in honor of David and Kristen on their Anniversary”

The benefits are simple: generate revenue to cover meal costs for Marian House Soup Kitchen, allowing for funds for occasional food shortages, and expansion of Catholic Charities’ programs.

Many Donors have prearranged with us to pay online and the below form is where you can donate. If you have not been in contact with Terri Gray, but would still like to donate via online to be a Sponsor, we will contact you via the information you provide below with your donation.


Not all individuals or business can readily afford to donate $1,500 to a cause that they are passionate about. Catholic Charities encourages interested groups to contact us about using crowd-funding to Sponsor-A-Day at the Marian House. Crowd-funding is a campaigning method typically used to generate funds for a special interest. Essentially, by creating interest in the program, large groups of people can Sponsor-A-Day at the Marian House. Crowd-funding is ideal for large organizations, churches, military groups, schools, etc. where individuals want to share the cost*. This method can be used as an education tool about charity with the opportunity to raise the money as a group and also volunteer at the Marian House. Your group can choose a date to have the funds raised by to celebrate a particular date or Catholic Charities will choose a date once the funded amount has been reached. If you are interested in participating in a sponsorship via crowd-funding, please contact us at 719-866-6427 for more information.

*If any individual contributes $250 or more, they are eligible for the Enterprise Zone Tax Credit.

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