Preventing Homelessness

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Catholic Charities focuses on working upstream to prevent families and individuals from becoming homeless.

According to surveys, roughly 60% of Americans say they are one to two paychecks away from being homeless. All it takes is an unexpected bill, medical emergency, or job loss. Homelessness today is more common with high inflation, lack of affordable housing, and availability of livable-wage employment.

Catholic Charities has programs that specifically focus on helping families before they get to the point of losing housing.  These programs allow families to save income so they can redirect those savings to paying rent.

Some of the programs that help with income redirection are:

  • Case Management/Family Coaching
  • Housing Support
    • Rent, utilities, referrals, and a new program – Diversion Case Management
  • Digital Equity Program
    • Teaches basic digital skills so folks can learn new skills that might help them get a job or a better job to increase their skills
  • The Marian House Marketplace
    • Clients shop once a month – at no charge – for about 10 days of groceries for their families.  This is meant to be a supplemental resource to SNAP or their own monthly food budget
  • The Marian House Kitchen
    • Provides a hot, nutritious meal 365 days a year
  • The Children’s Clothing Closet
    • Allows parents to “shop” for clothing for their children seasonally
    • Provides essential baby products like diapers, wipes, baby food and formula
  • Medical Services
    • We provide Behavioral Health and Counseling services.
    • We provide space for medical partners at the Marian House – SET Clinic, CommonSpirit Nurse, Mental Health and more

Hunt Family Housing

Our newest program is Hunt Family Housing, a project that will transform the historic Helen Hunt Elementary School into 24 transitional family apartments in the heart of the Hillside Neighborhood for homeless families.  We expect the building to be ready for our families in early 2025.

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