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Sometimes parents may find it is no longer possible or in the best interest of a child to continue to be the legally responsible parent.  Counseling is required by law for any parent considering or desiring to relinquish parental rights to his or her child(ren). Article 19-5-103 (1) (a) of the Colorado Children’s Code states “that the counseling may be obtained from the county department of social services in the county where such parent resides or from a Licensed Child Placement Agency.” The court may also order counseling for the child to be relinquished if the court feels the counseling is in the child’s best interest. The counseling must comply with state regulations for the relinquishment procedure and according to the Children’s Code.

As a Licensed Child Placement Agency, Catholic Charities is available to provide relinquishment counseling to individuals who have been referred by an attorney or want to free a child to be adopted by a family member.  Counselors have many years of experience in providing nonjudgmental and nondirective counseling that addresses all the legal requirements that are set forth by the State of Colorado.  For information or to schedule an appointment, call 719-866-6535.

We Can Assist You With the Following Options

With the decision to parent, we:

  • Offer services to help expectant parents take a realistic look at the responsibilities of parenthood.
  • Provide practical information about locating and using community resources.
  • Provide information about child development and infant care.
  • Discuss solutions to challenges you may face at school and work.
  • Assist you with developing and strengthening healthy relationships.
  • Provide information to care for yourself and your baby during pregnancy.
  • Provide referrals concerning financial needs and available assistance.
  • Help you talk with your baby’s father and both families involved.
  • Offer a prenatal parenting education program with opportunities to earn “KIdz Ksh” for baby needs.

With the decision to place your baby for adoption:

  • We can provide information about the adoption process.
  • Assist you with developing and strengthening healthy relationships.
  • Encourage active participation in creating your adoption plan.
  • Facilitate your selecting of the adoptive family from families that our agency has evaluated and prepared for adoption.
  • Arrange for you to meet the selected adoptive family face-to-face.
  • Help you build and maintain an ongoing relationship with the adoptive family you have selected.
  • Offer ongoing post-relinquishment counseling.
  • Review your responsibilities to yourself and your baby.
  • Facilitate communication with all those that are significant in your life.
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