Food For Families

Food For Families

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Children enjoy a meal in the Family Dining Room at the Marian House Soup Kitchen.

Last year, over 10,000 meals were served to children at the Marian House Soup Kitchen.  Throughout the year, an average of 12 families visit the Soup Kitchen per day to receive a hot, nutritious meal.  While children are out of school during the summer months, the number increases to an average of 24 families per day. Families can enjoy a hot, nutritious meal together in the Family Dining Room and sit for as long as they need as this is a safe place for families to not only share a meal, but to bond as a family and find out about other services that are available. This is a portal for families to either learn about or enter into the Family Resource Center and receive case management and higher level services that can lead to self-sustainability.
Catholic Charities also provides food boxes for families who cannot travel to the Soup Kitchen for the daily meal.  Food boxes include nutritious recipes specific to the items in the box.  Last year, over 1,100 food boxes were distributed to families in need.
Click here to Sponsor-A-Day of Meals at the Marian House Soup Kitchen.
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