Thank You for the Support During the Power Outage

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Thank You for the Support During the Power Outage

Catholic Charities’ Main Office and Marian House Lost Power for 24 Hours

On Monday, January 9th, Colorado Springs was hit with a powerful wind storm causing power outages all over the city. Both Catholic Charities’ main office and the Marian House facilities were without power for over 24 hours. Although the power outage forced the Marian House to close its doors for regular hot meal service for two days, it was a priority to ensure that anyone who came to the Marian House for a meal received a nutritious, high protein sack lunch. Since Catholic Charities took over Soup Kitchen operations in 1994, a meal has been served every single day.

Sack Lunches Were Served in Place of the Regular Hot Meal

Volunteers arrived early Tuesday & Wednesday mornings to begin packing sack lunches with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fresh fruit, pastries, and bottled water. The lunches were distributed to Marian House guests as they arrived for the daily meal. The Hanifen Center, which houses the Family Day Center, a variety of medical services, mail and clothing services, children’s and literacy services and many partner agencies, was closed on Monday due to the power outage, but resumed normal operations on Tuesday.

Perishable Foods Were Lost, but Frozen Food Was Saved

The lack of power led to the loss of all perishable foods – including dairy and prepared produce dishes which were stored in five refrigerators. Frozen meats, stored in 17 on-site freezers, were moved to an off-site storage facility to save the food from spoilage. Once power was restored all refrigerators and freezers were defrosted, cleaned and sanitized, and frozen food was moved back on site.

Community Support

Following the public announcement of the damages to the facility and loss of refrigerated foods, Catholic Charities witnessed an outpouring of support from the community to help cover the cost of the damaging storm. Thank you to the volunteers for their flexibility and dedication to serve, the dozens of donors who provided financial support to help cover losses, and to staff who went above and beyond to help all affected by the storm.

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