December: The Month of Divine Infancy

The St. Anthony Prayer Society would like to focus the Lord’s graces through dedicated moments of focused prayer.  

The month of December is dedicated to the Divine Infancy of Jesus.  As we celebrate the divinity and humanity of Jesus, let us offer prayers for children and their families who are victims of abuse; homelessness; hunger; discrimination; and poverty.  May all of us be inspired through the innocence and purity of heart of the Infant Jesus to do wondrous works of mercy and compassion that will help alleviate the conditions of poor and suffering families in our community.
December is the month we celebrate Las Posadas and re-live the journey of Mary and Joseph on the eve of Jesus’ birth. Catholic Charities celebrates Las Posadas to recognize the different immigrant communities and the challenges they face in their quest for equality and acceptance.

December is also the month for Human Rights awareness. In the United States, many experience various violations of their rights and privileges. As Christians, we are called to help those who are experiencing discrimination, oppression, cruelty, and neglect. Let us offer our prayers for the continuous protection of our rights to life, liberty and equality, particularly for our brothers and sisters in vulnerable situations.

“God makes Himself felt in the heart of each person. He also respects the culture of all people…God is open to all people. He calls everyone. He moves everyone to seek Him and discover Him through creation.” 
– Pope Francis

Let us pray:
Lord Almighty,
Thank you for the greatest gift you gave us – Your Son Jesus.  We pray for blessings and protection for our children who embody the innocence and divinity of the infant Jesus.  May You shelter them from the harshness of abuse, homelessness, poverty, and discrimination. Please bless our families that we continue to nurture all children with love, faith, and hope.  May they feel compassion and care, and receive the support they need. We pray for stronger family solidarity filled with faith in Your power and mercy.
Lord, we offer our prayers for our immigrant sisters and brothers, that they may find peace and safety as they continuously face the challenges toward the path of justice, equality, and acceptance. Like Mary and Joseph, may we all become the inn-keeper ready to accept and help our brothers and sisters in need, and in vulnerable situations.
For the staff and volunteers at Catholic Charities, we pray that you continue to bless and guide them in their work to help our vulnerable and marginalized community. We also pray for Catholic Charities donors and partners for their compassionate support to help the poor and needy.
We offer our prayers in the holy and mighty name of Jesus, Amen.


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