January: Poverty Awareness Month

The St. Anthony Prayer Society would like to focus the Lord’s graces through dedicated moments of focused prayer.  

January is Poverty Awareness Month highlighting the economic and social challenges many of our brothers and sisters experience daily.  There are 40 million people experiencing poverty around the world and more than 10 percent of Colorado’s population lives below poverty line.  Let us be aware of the perspective of our poor. Let us be more aware of the circumstances in which people in our country find themselves in poverty, be it through illness, trauma or large life set-backs. May we not forget that, even if we feel strong or safe, we are all vulnerable to set-backs and changes in our abilities that come from trauma. Let us think about what it is like trying to fix a car with no resources, to find a place to sleep without family, or to get a job without stability. May we seek to understand, rather than judge. And from that perspective, may we seek to support our brothers and sisters who find themselves in trouble, that we may work with them to seek calmer waters.
This January is the time to learn about what Catholic Charities is doing locally to combat poverty among individuals and families in our newsletters, website, Facebook page, and by visiting us in person. Tours of our service areas occur every first Friday of the month, and can be arranged through our website at www.CCharitiesCC.org. This January is a time for us to understand the reality of poverty and how we are called as Catholics to take this issue seriously. Receive daily reflections from Justice, Peace and Human Development with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops by signing up here.

Let us pray:
Our compassionate and loving Father,

We fervently pray for our sisters and brothers who are suffering the challenges of poverty.  May they be blessed with resiliency to help them triumph the daily difficulties they face due to the effects of poverty and hunger.  We pray for more people with compassionate hearts to offer help, understanding, and guide the way, that one day, they will reach a level of stability and no longer experience poverty and instability.

Dear God, we pray that You continuously bless the staff, volunteers, and supporters of Catholic Charities for their efforts to provide services for our poor, homeless, and marginalized brothers and sisters.  May they unceasingly serve as the beacon of hope for our community, particularly for those who struggle daily to survive.

We offer our prayers in the holy and mighty name of Jesus,  Amen.


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