October: Prayer for the 50th Anniversary of Catholic Charities of Central Colorado

The St. Anthony Prayer Society would like to focus the Lord’s graces through dedicated moments of focused prayer.  

Although we have been celebrating our 50th Anniversary since the beginning of the year, October actually marks 50 years of service.
On October 7, 1968, our founders got together to elect the first board of directors of the new organization known as Colorado Springs Catholic Social Services, and thus began 50 years of serving the community. 
Fifty Years of:
  • Lives coming together in service.
  • Encounters with brothers and sisters of our community who carry the image and likeness of God.
  • Walking together through times of hardship and of triumph.


Celebrate with us the light of hope which burns as brightly as ever for the healing grace and transformative power of work that is done in Christ’s name. May all of us who remember or know a piece of this journey of our blessed agency, pray for its path forward and for the strength of our work and message in the communities of our diocese. It is a message of faith, hope, and love.

How many people have made this work possible? How many sacrifices, long hours, and tough situations have the people of Catholic Charities, workers and supporters in God’s vineyard, been through, so that we may stand firm and strong as a witness to God’s light through these precious years?
Lord, we are a people called to Your side, as many times as we may stray or grow weary. We are called back to You and to respond. You fill us with love so that we may turn our face to our brothers and sisters who knock at all hours, and who know no time but the present, to come to our house. We lift up our prayers to You, that we may be worthy to be Your hands, and we ask for strength in the journey ahead.
How many people, of how many different backgrounds and experiencing, how many different kinds of frustration and brokenness have we responded to on this journey?
  • From unborn children, to ones surrounded by darkness, to those crying out for a forever home
  • From mothers and fathers, deep in hopelessness and difficulty, to those on the edge of homelessness or fallen onto the streets, who find their way to our house
  • From people escaping violence and destitution in other countries, to those yearning for a place to work, to learn and to lay their heads at night.

May we continue to be a beacon of God’s love for all those in need, in the days to come.

Let Us Pray Together:

October Prayer:

God of Every Age,
we praise You and give You thanks,
for every good gift You have bestowed
upon the work of Catholic Charities
and its people.            

For our Catholic Charities family,
we fervently ask, Lord,
for blessings upon the staff, leaders, volunteers, donors, and supporters
of Catholic Charities of Central Colorado,
that we may be a witness to Your light,
and made strong by Your hand
so that we may offer the gifts of physical, emotional, spiritual
healing, and guidance
for those most in need of Your love.


We ask that you give us the courage
to reflect the joy and bounty of Your
Kingdom, with each other and the people
who come to our house, forevermore.            



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