Beware of Magazine Scam Using Catholic Charities or Marian House

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Beware of Magazine Scam Using Catholic Charities or Marian House

Be aware of a group selling magazine subscriptions claiming to benefit clients of Catholic Charities or Marian House.

Catholic Charities was made aware of a situation by a donor in the Denver area who purchased several magazine subscriptions from PS Circulation LLC.  He was told he could not only help Marian House families, but help reform felons as well.  The person selling the magazines said she was recently released from prison and was selling magazines to help families at Marian House who would receive the magazine subscription.  In turn, she, the seller, would receive a commission that would help pay rent and other living expenses.

The jig was up when the Denver area donor, who purchased several magazine subscriptions, was told someone from Marian House would call to thank him.  When the call did not come, he became suspicious and contacted Catholic Charities, who runs the Marian House.  To complicate matters, the receipt had the Springs Rescue Mission address listed instead of the Marian House.  It also had the seller’s phone number.

When contacted, the magazine seller told Catholic Charities she had received permission to sell the magazines from both Marian House and the Springs Rescue Mission (SRM).  Catholic Charities contacted SRM to make them aware of the situation.  While both agencies allow clients to use their mailing address to receive mail, neither agency allows their address or name to be used for profit in magazine solicitation efforts.

We have no way of determining if the person selling the magazines is actually a recovering felon or if the magazines will be sent to the agencies, but in the case of Marian House, we do not accept magazines or junk mail in our mail room due to space limitations.

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