Marian House Welcomes Monetary Donations to Replace Food Lost Due to Power Outage

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Marian House Welcomes Monetary Donations to Replace Food Lost Due to Power Outage


Due to the storm on Monday, January 9th, Catholic Charities and the Marian House were without power for 24 hours.  Our first priority was to serve our lunchtime meal on Tuesday, which was accomplished via a high protein sack lunch.  Volunteers arrived early in the morning and began making peanut & jelly sandwiches and packing that with fresh fruit and bottled water, which was distributed to Marian House guests as they arrived for the daily meal.  The Hanifen Center, which houses the Family Day Center, a variety of medical services, mail and clothing services, children’s and literacy services and many partner agencies, was closed due to the power outage.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, January 11th, we will once again be serving a sack lunch as we restore refrigerators and freezers to working order. However, guests will receive that lunch – along with coffee – inside in the dining room and will have access to restrooms.  The Hanifen Center will be open for regular hours and all normal services will be available.


For soup kitchen volunteers ALREADY SCHEDULED to work on Wednesday, January 11th, instead of reporting for the early shift at 6:30 am, please arrive one hour later at 7:30 am.  Unless personally notified by the Catholic Charities Volunteer Office, the 10:00 am volunteer shift is cancelled at the soup kitchen only.  If volunteers are scheduled at the Hanifen Center, please arrive as scheduled.  Please, no spontaneous volunteers are needed at this time.


Unfortunately, due to the power loss, all perishable food in the five refrigerators were a total loss including all dairy and prepared foods such as fruit and vegetable dishes/salads.  Currently, we estimate this loss to be a minimum of $5,000.  We were able to move frozen meats, which were stored in the 17 on-site freezers, to an offsite storage facility and at this time, believe the frozen food was saved from spoilage.  All refrigerators and freezers were completely emptied, defrosted, cleaned and sanitized.  Once they are back up to appropriate operating temperatures, and damage can be assessed to ensure all freezers return to appropriate working condition, frozen foods will be returned to the freezers from the offsite storage facility.

Catholic Charities contacted the El Paso County Health Department this morning to alert them to the situation and to ensure all protocols were being followed.  The Marian House facility is inspected by the Health Department twice a year and has always met or exceeded expectations.


Since Marian House relies on donations to serve more than 215,000 meals per year, we appreciate all financial support to offset our significant food losses.  Until refrigerator and freezers are confirmed to be in working order, please hold off on material donations.  Donations can be made online at  directing your donation to “Marian House Soup Kitchen.” Donations can be dropped off at the main office at 228 North Cascade Avenue.

For $1,500, you can Sponsor-a-Day of meals at the Marian House.  Please contact Sarah at 719-866-6427 or with questions.

Thank you to all who were able to help us get through this difficult period.  We greatly appreciate your support

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