John & Sandra Fischer and Natural Grocers: Developing the Perfect Partnership

///John & Sandra Fischer and Natural Grocers: Developing the Perfect Partnership

John & Sandra Fischer and Natural Grocers: Developing the Perfect Partnership

John and Sandra Fischer, residents of Castle Pines and parishioners of Pax Christi Catholic Church in Highlands Ranch, have become involved with Catholic Charities in a variety of ways.

As General Counsel for Natural Grocers, John has coordinated food donations from stores in both Douglas and El Paso counties to donate to Catholic Charities. The Fischer’s also learned about the progress the Life Skills & Career Development Center was making with job placements and connected Natural Grocers’ local recruiting manager with the life skills team. Although there have been no job placements at Natural Grocers yet, there are many opportunities for LSCDC job seekers to interview and potentially work for the company, especially as a new location opens on South Nevada Avenue.

For the Fischers, connecting Natural Grocers and Catholic Charities wasn’t enough. In January 2017, John and Sandra sponsored their first day of meals at Marian House and their second in June, volunteering both days. Sandra said, “Sponsor-A-Day was different for us, but it felt good…That’s money they [Catholic Charities] don’t have to take out of their bank today. We’re taking care of it. And that’s a cool way to think about it.”

Volunteering was just as rewarding. “We volunteered in the family room and that was fun. We don’t have children so we played with children there so the parents could have a break. It was a totally different experience for us,” said Sandra. John reiterated Sandra’s sentiments with, “It’s been rewarding to help people. Sandra and I have been exceptionally blessed with lots of wonderful fortune. So for us, it’s a great opportunity to give something back to the community.”

Sandra plans to volunteer with the Castle Rock Office, while John hopes to spread awareness about Catholic Charities and the Sponsor-A-Day program. John said, “I think it’s important for Catholic Charities to be able to enhance its visibility amongst all the northern parishes,” and both John and Sandra have ideas on how they can help. They are able to share their experiences with the northern deanery in hopes that more support will come, not just to the Castle Rock Office, but further south as well. In the words of Sandra Fischer, Catholic Charities and the Marian House are “too special” not to want to help.

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