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Jeff Zearfoss Taking Chicken out of the Oven

Jeff Zearfoss, better known as Chef Jeff in the Marian House Kitchen, has been a Catholic Charities volunteer since 2005. In addition to determining what to cook and serve every Wednesday to our guests at the Marian House Kitchen, he took a strong leadership role during the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires, when Catholic Charities volunteered to make and deliver meals to the evacuation shelters and to the first responders.

Because of his all-around volunteer service, Jeff was named Catholic Charities USA Volunteer of the Year in 2018. CCUSA issued a statement that said, “CCUSA and the Volunteer Management Network review committees were very impressed with Jeff’s long-term dedication to your organization as well as the innovative ways he serves.” As part of this award, Jeff attended the CCUSA Annual Gathering in September 2018 and was recognized at the awards dinner in Buffalo, New York.
Jeff has been an inspiration to many in our organization,” said Andy Barton, CEO of Catholic Charities. From leading the Marian House Soup Kitchen Wednesday volunteer group, to collaborating with us on social enterprise, helping us provide over 4,500 meals during the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires, and his own personal commitment to local nonprofits, he has shown how deeply committed he is to helping others in our community.

As part of the submission for CCUSA Volunteer of the Year, Catholic Charities developed a video presentation. View here.

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