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Catholic Charities has a variety of events throughout the year. Some are regular classes and client opportunities, others are more formal events for donors, volunteers, and community stakeholders.

for the community

Events connect stakeholders with the mission of the organization in a special way that allows for socializing, networking, education, and inspiration.
photo of the three women featured in the video

Inspiring Client video:  Story of Three

A special video is created each year for our two major fundraising events:  The Shamrock Shindig:  a St. Patrick’s Day event, and the Castle Rock Gathering.  This video, Story of Three, highlights the struggles of three women who struggled to regain their stability.

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What Our Clients Say:

Catholic Charities is honored to work with families as they plan and set goals for the future.  It is a privilege to walk with them on their journey.

“It’s my children that keep me going; they are my motivation to succeed.”
“I could live in a cardboard box, but I needed stability for my kids.”
“Without Catholic Charities, my son would not have the future he has now.”
“I feel way more confident in myself and my ability to be a mom.”
“I’m committed to success and stability for my family.”
“Without Catholic Charities we wouldn’t have our daughter right now.”