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Catholic Charities data-driven agency and puts a lot of energy into strategy & evaluation of our programs.  We use this statistical data to develop and improve our programs. Our processes allow us to provide real-time data to make decisions allowing us to pivot quickly to meet community needs.


Strategic objectives to help accomplish our strategic goals.


Agency evaluation teams that review dashboards and discuss findings and adjustments.

“Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question.”

E.E. Cummings

Evaluation Approach

We strive to offer the highest quality services to those we serve; and our evaluation system exits to help us accomplish this. 

Evaluation Model

Through collaboration with evaluation experts, we developed a model specific to our needs.

Strategic Goals

An example of our evaluation model in action is our strategic plan. It has 4 goals and 30+ program objectives within those goals.

Our evaluation System helps us improve our programs by:

  • Helping us determine what aspects of a program are going well, we areas may need improvement, and why.
  • Generating ideas for changes that could improve our effectiveness.
  • Encouraging progress towards evidence-based models to advance our mission.

Our Evaluation Model encourages us to:

  • Put our impact on the community at the center
  • Get our program models on paper
  • Ask questions about how we can do things better
  • Inform our practices with the latest research
  • Design new tools and establish targets for results
  • Collect and store meaningful data
  • Report data efficiently through the dashboards
  • Analyze data to apply changes that improve our programs and our impact on the community

Goal 1: Housing

Increase the number of households that maintain or achieve stable housing.

Goal 2: Stability

Increase the number of households that make improvements in stability.

Goal 3: Access

Improve access to legal, health, nutrition, and employment services for marginalized populations.

Goal 4 Infrastructure

Strengthen infrastructure to improve organizational capacity.

We have developed over a dozen dashboards to help analyze our progress on our objectives and goals at all levels of the agency. We use this data to make informed decisions, find solutions to problems, be strategic in our approaches, know what we are doing well, keep track of it all, and make adjustments to improve.


Our dashboards are a summary of each program and service for which we have data. They allow for a quick summary of each program. Updated daily and monthly, our dashboards are reviewed monthly by our Leadership Team and our Board of Directors. They give a quick snapshot and allow us to make informed decisions.

Programmers cooperating at IT company developing apps

Volunteer for this Service

Our Performance and Innovation Team is always looking for volunteers who have a passion for collecting and analyzing data to support the needs of programs.  Interested?