Thank you for supporting Catholic Charities.

Catholic Charities is a not for profit 501 (c)(3). We could not serve the people in our Colorado community who are hungry, homeless, poor, and most vulnerable without your help.

We always believe there are never too many people to love your child. Catholic Charities has been there to support our entire family.

Heather, Family Services Client

It just proves how invaluable the services are that the Marian House can offer. Someone walks in the door and we have a volunteer here who will notice that someone needs more than a pair of socks.

Jennifer, Life Skills Center Volunteer

It’s not just a Soup Kitchen. They don’t just feed people and put them back on the street.

Haley, Marian House Client

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What is a state tax credit?

A state tax credit is a dollar for dollar reduction on the taxes you owe to the state of Colorado, as opposed to a tax deduction that reduces the gross income on which your taxes are based. The tax credit program through which you donate determines the credit amount. To receive a special tax credit through Catholic Charities, you can opt for the Enterprise Zone State tax credit to help those who are homeless or for the Child Care Contribution State Credit.

Enterprise Zone 25% Colorado State Tax Credit

The state of Colorado allows you to take a 25% tax credit on your state income taxes when you donate to any one of these Marian House Catholic Charities programs through the Enterprise Zone:

  • Marian House Soup Kitchen
  • Marian House Client Services
  • Marian House Community Outreach Services
  • Life Skills & Career Development Center

To receive this tax credit, you must mail us a check indicating what program you are donating to. Checks must be payable to EPC Enterprise Zone, with “Marian House” on the memo line, and include the last four digits of your SSN. This is a tax credit, not just a tax deduction.

More Info on Enterprise Zone Tax Credit

Child Care Contribution 50% State Tax Credit

child eating

The Child Care Contribution State Income Tax Credit was created to promote child care in Colorado. Your donation to the Life Connections adoption/child placement program qualifies for this 50% credit. Life Connections provides adoption services, counseling, early literacy programs and many more opportunities for children in our community.

To donate and receive this tax credit you can donate online or by check, but you must indicate that the donation is going toward our Life Connections program and that you want to take advantage of this credit.

More info on Child Care Tax Credit

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