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Pope Francis has called on people worldwide “to pray that there be peace in Israel and Palestine.”  To help, visit


Mike lived in the shelter for a year. During that time, he ate at the Marian House Kitchen. When he found a job and an apartment, he began using the Marketplace food pantry to make ends meet. Mike is grateful that Catholic Charities accepted him and was there to help.

Dick & Evelyn

"Volunteering is called giving back to God," says Dick. "We look at it as our ministry."
Dick & Evelyn have volunteered at Catholic Charities for over 35 years.
No matter if it is a week or more, Catholic Charities values every one of our volunteers.

Hunt Family Housing Capital Campaign
impact of homelessness of children title slide
impact of homelessness of children title slide

Grateful to Gather

Catholic Charities Fall Gathering is the annual fundraising event for our Castle Rock office to support the work in Douglas, Park, and Elbert counties. This is an invitation-only event. However, if you want to become involved in the Castle Rock office, email:

Event Series Las Posadas

Las Posadas

Las Posadas is a traditional celebration symbolizing the search of Mary and Joseph for a place for Jesus to be born. Participants process from house to house, pretending to be Mary and Joseph. At each house, the “pilgrims” sing the traditional song asking for shelter. Each house refuses them until they are finally welcomed at the place of celebration.

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