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“Every day, I am thankful for Catholic Charities.”

Josh and Amanda were experiencing difficult times – some due to poor choices, others due to circumstances. But when they had a beautiful, baby girl, who had to live with family members due to those choices, they knew things had to change. That is when they found Catholic Charities Family Connections.

Determined to bring their child home to a safe, loving environment, Josh and Amanda began participating in the Early Childhood Education and Parenting Programs, where they grew as individuals, partners, and parents. The Parenting with Love and Logic class helped them become better parents and Growing Great Kids/Growing Great Families helped them set a strong foundation for learning for their daughter. These strength-based programs and classes are offered to parents at no cost. Their case manager walked with them, providing emotional and tangible support such as clothing and baby needs, but more importantly, experience, guidance, and suggestions to make their family stronger.

Alaina is back home with her parents, thriving in the love and security she feels from them. The family continues to build upon their foundation by participating in ongoing case management, parenting, and early education programs such as Cooking Matters and PlayGroup. They have acquired parental resilience, found social support, and understand they can guide the social-emotional competence and education of their child.

Josh and Amanda have overcome many obstacles to reach their goals. Their journey has not been easy and certainly struggles still lay ahead. Only now, the tools they have acquired through these programs have equipped Josh and Amanda to face whatever comes their way and ensure they raise a happy, healthy child.

Josh says, “I was homeless and on the streets for almost a year, and every day I’m thankful for Catholic Charities…Without them, we wouldn’t have our daughter right now, and every day I’m thankful because without her, who knows where I would be?”

At Catholic Charities, we respect everyone who comes to us for help. Many are working toward a fresh start in life. So while their stories are true, client names and images may have changed to protect their privacy.

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