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Rochelle Schlortt – February 2022

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“I could live in a cardboard box, but I needed stability for my kids.”

Michael happily fills his free time preparing meals, helping with homework, spending time with his children, and helping them thrive. But it hasn’t always been this way.

After a rough start into adulthood, including becoming a father at age 15, Michael fell in love and married. He made a career in metal works, which provided for his family of seven. Everything was going well until he realized his wife suffered from a severe addiction. He supported her recovery but soon realized he needed to protect the welfare of his children, so he moved with them to a healthier environment.

Moving also meant leaving his job, the town they called home, and the life they knew. That was seven years ago. The family moved to Castle Rock where Michael found a good community and a church, but struggled to find a job that paid enough to support his family. He reached out to Catholic Charities when he was no longer able to overcome all the challenges on his own.

The Catholic Charities Castle Rock team listened and provided food and other necessities to make ends meet. After Michael found a place to live, Catholic Charities partnered to provide rent assistance and furnishings as the family settled into their new home. When Michael’s car broke down, he was given a reliable vehicle through our vehicle donation program, which allows him to continue working at a job he loves and one that supports his family.

At Catholic Charities, we respect everyone who comes to us for help. Many are working toward a fresh start in life. So while their stories are true, client names and images may have changed to protect their privacy.

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