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a Mother with Her Two Sons

“Without Catholic Charities, my son would not have the future he has now.”

Family is everything to Monica. With her husband working excessive hours to provide for them, Monica needed a job with better hours so she could take care of their four children and supplement the family’s income. At her cousin’s suggestion, Monica called Catholic Charities.

Monica began a Life Coaching program; her first goal was a better job. After working with Catholic Charities Hanifen Employment Center, she found a job working as an in-home caregiver. Monica began to see hope! She loves her job and the flexibility it gives her to be there for her children. Recently she received a scholarship allowing her to become a certified nursing assistant – turning her job into a career.

During a meeting with her life coach, Maria, Monica shared concerns about her oldest son, Jaime. His grades were dropping, he was hanging out with a different group of friends, and she didn’t recognize him anymore. He was not happy, and he felt he had limited options for his future. During one of their sessions, Maria asked Jaime what kind of life he wanted and what kind of person he wanted to be. Jamie became aware of opportunities he had not dreamed possible and realized a different path was achievable. Like his mom, Jaime saw hope.

Jaime graduated high school, enrolled in a trades program, and already has plans to obtain a 4-year degree in a similar field. His enthusiasm is contagious! His younger siblings now talk about attending college – a path they once thought was unattainable.

Monica said the entire family has grown through their relationship with Catholic Charities. From employment assistance, life coaching, parenting classes, family enrichment events, help with groceries at the Marketplace, and clothes for the younger children from the Children’s Closet, Monica never expected to gain so much.

“God put Maria and Catholic Charities in our lives when we really needed them.”

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