December: Elderly and Families

The St. Anthony Prayer Society would like to focus the Lord’s graces through dedicated moments of focused prayer.  

December is focused on the Elderly and Family Solidarity.
Pope Francis’ special prayer intention for the month is offered for the Elderly.  Let us remember the wisdom, culture and heritage they contribute into our families and community.  We often forget or neglect the Elderly people in our community, many of them are victims of abandonment. December is also the month that we celebrate the gifts of the Holy Family as our guiding light towards family solidarity.  Family is the basic foundation of our society which we should protect from any discord.  A community of  faith-centered and loving families will build a nation of care and acceptance for the poor and weak.
“We Christians, together with all people of good will, are called patiently to build a more diverse, more welcoming,
more humane, more inclusive society that does not need to discard those who are weak in body and mind. 
On the contrary, we need a society which measures its success on how the weak are cared for.”       

Pope Francis

Let us pray for our Elderly who are homeless, abandoned, neglected, abused and forgotten.  We pray that they find homes, caring and loving families to provide them hope, happiness and respect. May this season of giving, they will feel the warmth and love that they deserve. Let us also pray, for the continuous growth of our families while remembering the teachings of the Holy Family.  We ask the Lord to awaken the hearts of our families that they may be willing to welcome into their homes, our poor and weak brothers and sisters.

Let Us Pray Together:

Lord Almighty,

            We pray for our elderly brothers and sisters, who have been victims of neglect, abandonment and abuse.  Please bless the hearts of your people that they may feel compassion and care for our elderly.  Bless our elderly with faith and strength that they may survive the daily challenges of life.  We also pray for solidarity for our families. May all of us be blessed by the Holy Spirit to have a faithful, loving and caring hearts.  May all families be welcoming not only to their loved ones but also for the weak and the poor.

            Lord, we pray that Catholic Charities will continuously be instrumental in alleviating the lives of our elderly, the weak and the poor. May we be able  continue to help families to keep  their faith and solidarity.  We ask you Lord, to  guide us in our everyday mission, to ensure that families stay together despite life challenges.  May we also inspire other families to be more caring and charitable towards our less fortunate families and specially those without a family.

In Jesus name,   Amen.

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