What makes volunteering meaningful to you?

//What makes volunteering meaningful to you?

What makes volunteering meaningful to you?

Thank you for taking the time to provide information about your experiences volunteering with Catholic Charities. Without you, we truly would not be able to do what we do.

If you’re having trouble putting into words what your experience has meant to you, here’s a list of question to help you out.

1. Why is your volunteering important to you?
2. What has surprised you about volunteering?
3. Is there a client or fellow volunteer you will never forget?
4. Catholic Charities’ ethos is Justice, what does Justice mean to you?
5. Is there something special you saw a client or other volunteer do?
6. Was there a moment, perhaps nothing extraordinary, that made you grateful for volunteering?
7. Was there something that was funny or made you smile?
8. If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before you started volunteering, what would it be?

Please e-mail your response to drouse@CCharitiesCC.org.

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