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“Charity Led The Son Of God To The Wood Of The Cross.”

The Prayer Society mission is to pray for Catholic Charities and those we serve on a daily basis using specific monthly prayer intentions focused on the success of the agency and the well-being of our clients.



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“Hope is praying for rain, but faith is bringing an umbrella.”


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September 2023
Lesson & Prayer Intention

“We can only build the future by standing together, including everyone.”
“No one is useless, and no one is expendable.”


Thank you for last month’s prayers for our clients who are seeking employment. Many are living on the margins of society and, often, in inhumane life conditions.

This month, please pray for those living on the margins.

In “Fratelli Tutti,” Pope Francis wrote, “No one is useless, and no one is expendable, and thus we must find ways to include those on the peripheries of life.”

He further shares his wisdom with insight that when we (that includes EVERYONE) listen to everyone, we then learn from others, and it’s then that “we build up a common good with everyone.”

Here again, the parable of the good Samaritan offers a reflection into the mission of Catholic Charities as a community identifying with the vulnerability of others, with those on the margins and those completely rejected. Now, I would like you to continue this reflection with a prayerful thought toward everyone acting as neighbors, lifting and rehabilitating the fallen for the sake of the common good.

These are challenging days, and Catholic Charities need your prayerful support to be a source of clear moral vision and effective action.  In the pursuit of peace and justice, we strive to be the compassion of Christ as we advocate for and minister to those in need.

Let Us Pray Together

For those persons living on the margins of society, may they not be overlooked and never considered of lesser importance. Let us also, pray for those serving others.

Lord, you have gifted us with a spirit of service that is strong, loving and wise.
Let us trust in that spirit as we work together.
To care for others and to build a community of care among ourselves.