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Catholic Charities offers a premier Family Resource Campus where families can access numerous essential services to build resiliency on their path to stability.

Adoption Services

Catholic Charities offers a variety of resources for families considering adoption, including open adoption and adoption counseling.

Comprehensive Case Management / Family Life Coaching

Comprehensive Case management is the next step for families or individuals experiencing crisis to build resiliency and ultimately, achieve stability. Working with a case manager or a family life coach, clients define specific steps to reach their goals.  Case managers and family life coaches provide the guidance and resources for their clients to succeed.

Family Day Center

The Family Day Center is a safe haven for families experiencing poverty, crisis, who are homeless, or who are on the verge of homelessness.  The Center provides access to a number of services in one location.

Enrichment & Education

A number of educational and enrichment opportunities are available for families in our programs.  These include a variety of educational resources such as prenatal, childbirth, and parenting classes, enriched child care for children of our ESL students, and educational materials for pre-school children to become more literate.  Healthy engagement opportunities, where families can earn points towards receiving essential items such as car seats in our Kidz Klozet, or participation in programs to receive birthday gifts for their children or layettes for new moms is also available for families engaged in our services.

Family Immigration Services

Affordable immigration and legal services are available to low-income families and individuals who are qualified to work towards legal citizenship or residency.  Assistance is available in a number of areas including citizenship, DACA, work authorization cards, and more.

Family Mentor Alliance

Family Mentor Alliance provides mentoring services to qualifying families experiencing homelessness so, through the sharing of practical life skills, they can move from homelessness to stable housing and an improved quality of life.

Pregnancy Counseling & Support Services

Free pregnancy counseling is available for families to help them consider options such as adoption or parenting a child.

Post-Abortion Healing

Confidential counseling and support are available for those healing from the effects of an abortion.

Relinquishment Counseling

Sometimes parents may find it is no longer possible or in the best interest of a child to continue to be the legally responsible parent.  Counseling is required by law for any parent considering or desiring to relinquish parental rights to his or her child(ren).  As a Licensed Child Placement Agency, Catholic Charities is available to provide relinquishment counseling to individuals who have been referred by an attorney or want to free a child to be adopted by a family member.

Adoption/Life Connections Client and Daughter

“We always believe there are never too many people to love your child. Catholic Charities has been there to support our entire family.”

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