April is Immigration Awareness Month

April is Immigration Awareness Month

“It is a time of great uncertainty for immigrants and their families, with a lot of rumors and fears.” said Eric Pavri, Director of Family Immigration Services, “We provide accurate information, and people know they can trust us because we’re not trying to sell them something – our only purpose is to help.”

Catholic Charities’ Family Immigration Services (FIS) continues to provide consultations, information and legal help to Lawful Permanent Residents, immigrants, and refugees to understand eligibility and requirements for citizenship and legal residency.  Citizenship classes are held regularly to help prepare clients for the test to become a legal U.S. Citizen.  Fees for service are on a sliding scale based on income.
In Fiscal Year 2015/16, FIS provided 445 one-on-one immigration consultations, provided 14 “Know Your Rights” presentations, and made two trips to Dilley, Texas to support the CARA Pro Bono Project. Visit the Family Immigration Services page for more information.

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