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That is what Shirley King has done.  After a brief bout of homelessness, Shirley was working to get her life back.  She was employed at Wal-Mart and living in a motel, just barely making it.  Then she met Kathy Bullen, a case manager at Catholic Charities in Castle Rock (CC).  Kathy coached her toward self-sufficiency, helped with food, gas, and other necessities, and soon Shirley was saving portions of her paycheck for the deposit on an apartment.  When she was ready to move, her car broke down:  it was not repairable.  She thought she had to choose between getting a car to keep her job or getting an apartment.  Luckily for her, a car had been donated to CC, and because of her hard work, Shirley was chosen to receive that car.  As a result, she moved into the apartment and was able to get back on her feet.  The donation of the car changed Shirley’s life.

As Shirley continued to progress, she saved enough money for a new car. In appreciation for what CC had done for her, rather than trade-in or sell the car, she chose to donate it to CC, giving someone else a chance to get back on their feet.  Just as that donated car came at the right time for Shirley to make a difference in her life, a car is exactly what Mike needed to continue his path to stability.

Mike is on a fixed income. His troubles began when he was forced to move from his apartment complex, which changed ownership and underwent a renovation, then significantly raised his rent.  He found ranch work that included housing, but shortly after moving, his disabled, teenage granddaughter, struggling at home and at school, came to live with him.  As she settled in and her grades improved, Mike felt that things were returning to normal.

Then Mike unexpectedly lost his ranch job along with their housing after a medical issue.  He found himself homeless, something unfamiliar to him, but he wasn’t going to give up hope with his granddaughter’s welfare in his hands.  Through CC, Mike was provided with gas cards and emergency motel vouchers and was recommended for wrap-around community services.  CC continues as Mike’s community facilitator, has found him an affordable apartment, and furnished it with basic necessities.  Things were looking bright until his car became inoperable.  That is when Shirley called about donating her car.  She was thrilled to learn CC was working with someone who desperately needed a car.  Just when Shirley needed a car to continue her progress toward stability, a donor made one available.  And when Mike needed a car, Shirley returned the favor.

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