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We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.
Hebrews 6:19
Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for certain things to happen. We cannot see it nor touch it, but God makes sure to let us know it is there for every one of us. The holidays offer reminders of hope everywhere we look: in the face of a child as he meets Santa for the first time, the smiles families share around the table at Christmas dinner, and the looks of wonder we share as we watch the Christmas lights.
For some, hope is something quite different. Hope, a promise from God, is found in the line at the Marian House Soup Kitchen – the hope and promise that no one will go hungry. Hope is found in the faces of mothers and fathers as they watch their children receive new coats and shoes from Family Connections – coats and shoes they would not have had otherwise. Hope is found when a single mother receives the blessing of a car, allowing her to get to work and take her children to school with a newfound sense of security and dignity. While hope is found and created in so many places and ways, one thing remains consistent: God’s promise never fails.
As we celebrate the festivities of the Advent and Christmas seasons, let us never forget the reason for the season: the hope that Jesus Christ gave us by his birth. And let us not forget how powerful that promise is by sharing hope with everyone we meet this season.
“Advent increases our hope, a hope which does not disappoint.
The Lord never lets us down.”
-Pope Francis
Jill Likness is a former communications manager with Catholic Charities.

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