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The Life Skills Center (LSC) at Marian House, previously known as the Computer Lab, has seen significant growth in the past year. LSC, open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., has been bursting at the seams with clients! The success can be directly attributed to Sherry Stulpin, Life Skills Instructor, who offers individualized mentorship and instruction.  She has a team of volunteers who work to meet the needs of clients seeking assistance.

In addition to the daily instruction, clients can participate in a monthly Financial Literacy class, led by ENT Federal Credit Union and Stulpin on a rotating schedule, to learn basic financial management skills.  Attendance in the class has grown exponentially. She says, “The classes are really helpful in teaching basic financial skills. Many of our clients don’t understand the difference between net and gross income, which obviously makes a huge difference when trying to set a monthly budget.”

Stulpin encourages clients to “plot their plan” by setting a specific goal and a timeline to meet it. From finding a job to budgeting income, Stulpin helps clients choose goals that suit their individual needs.  The names of clients who achieve their goals are written on the LSC’s “Success Board” to acknowledge their hard work publicly.  Stulpin says, ” Everyone wants to be on that board!” Nearly 100 clients (duplicated) visit the LSC each month, with many returning for multiple visits to meet their goals. Many have already found jobs using their newly learned skills. LSC has partnered with Discover Goodwill to offer a private job fair in February.  Clients recommended by Sculpin are invited to attend the fair.

Rochelle Schlortt is the Chief Communications Officer for Catholic Charities of Central Colorado.

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