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Housing prices in Colorado have been on an upward trajectory for quite some time now. For an existing homeowner, this is a positive increase in value. However, for those that are looking to rent, it can be a difficult and terrifying time. Adequate and affordable housing has become a critical issue for many families in Central Colorado.

Recently, the Castle Rock office was blessed with the donation of a two-bedroom townhouse in Parker. The donor, who wished to remain anonymous, asked that it be used to help struggling families, a purpose that tied in perfectly with the work of Catholic Charities through its participation in the Douglas County Cares (DC Cares) program – a multiagency partnership that helps families achieve self-sufficiency.

Then, Hands of Hope, a group of caring volunteers from Ava Maria Catholic Church in Parker, freshened up the home with new carpet, paint, and other items to ensure it was in tip-top shape! The unit will be ready by February for a family that is receiving case management from Catholic Charities. This “transitional housing” is available to a family for up to one year as they work with their Catholic Charities case manager to achieve self-sufficiency.

Each family who stays in this home will only be responsible for paying one-third of their income in rent, with the DC Cares program contributing additional funds each month to offset the expenses for property taxes, utilities, and other necessary upkeep.

“Our hope is that this one unit becomes the seed from which will grow a more robust transitional housing program,” said Paul Narduzzo, director of Catholic Charities Central Colorado’s Castle Rock office. “Helping families remain safely housed is a significant step in moving them toward self-sufficiency. When you know you have a roof over your head and your family is safe, you can then focus on other critical steps to getting your feet back on the ground. We are so grateful to all of those who have been a part of making this come to reality.”

Paul Narduzzo is the former regional director of the Catholic Charities of Central Colorado Castle Rock office

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