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UPDATED: June 21, 2018
On June 20, 2018, President Trump issued an Executive Order:  Affording Congress an Opportunity to Address Family Separation.  Click on the link to read in its entirety. 

An Official Statement from Catholic Charities of Central Colorado
As an agency that sees the fundamental importance of family bonds on a daily basis and works tirelessly toward preserving that union for the common good of our communities, Catholic Charities of Central Colorado believes the current border policy, which deliberately separates children from their parents is not only devastating and traumatizing to families, it is unjust and inhumane.

We encourage those of all faiths, backgrounds, and origins to stand in solidarity with these families.  Reach out to your elected officials and be the voice of our vulnerable and voiceless brothers and sisters.

Educate yourself on the issue.  Here are recent press releases and news articles addressing the issue:

A Press Release from Sister Donna Markham, president, and CEO of Catholic Charities USA: Stop separating migrant families, Catholic Charities USA urges DHS

A Press Release from Leadership 18’s Non-Profit CEOs:  Administration’s Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy Harmful to Children

US Bishops Respond to the latest US immigration policy of separating families

Pope Francis calls for protection for migrant children and their families

Bishops across the U.S. condemn separation, detention of children

What are the new border policies?  A CNA explainer

Other Resources:

Charities USA Quarterly Magazine:  Spring 2017 issue:  For I Was a Stranger, And You Welcomed Me.

USCCB Migration and Refugee Services

Catholic Charities Blog

Contact your elected officials:

United States House of Representatives

United States Senate

Don’t know where to start?  USCCB Justice for Immigrants has a basic form letter that can be electronically sent to your elected official specifically addressing the actions taken by DHS in the separation of children from their parents.  Click here to access it.

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