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When Jodi suffered a heart attack many years ago, the combined loss of wages and mounting medical bills proved to be devastating.  She and her family were forced to move from their home, to a motel, to their car – all in the space of 45 days.  As they struggled to understand what had happened, Jodi admits “I was truly lost.”

Things began to improve when Jodi and her husband connected with Catholic Charities’ Castle Rock office.  Through case management, they formed an action plan, found work, and began to regain stability for their family.  Jodi said, “Catholic Charities was the first place that gave us a chance to stop reacting to what was happening and start acting.”  While Catholic Charities helped with emergency rent assistance and wrap-around services, Jodi and her family did their part. They got good jobs, visited the food pantry to get food for the family, worked in case management to identify problem areas, set goals, and worked toward regaining their stability. Over the past five years, Jodi has checked in with us regularly, sometimes needing a little support and guidance, but really the way a friend might let you know how they are.

Today they are stably housed and recently moved into a large rental home with a backyard and acreage to plant a garden. She and her husband both have good jobs that pay livable wages with benefits. Her older son and his child moved in with them and contributes to expenses. Her youngest son will graduate high school soon and looks positively toward the future. Homelessness, camping in the mountains, and struggling to meet their obligation is now a distant memory. Jodi could not be happier now with all her “chicks” living under one roof and the time it affords her to watch her grandson grow up. With stability, Jodi can better care for her son, grandson, and her own health, and just enjoy life.  She said, “Although things are better, without Catholic Charities’ ongoing support, “I don’t know what we would have done.”

At Catholic Charities, we respect everyone who comes to us for help. Many are working toward a fresh start in life. So while their stories are true, client names and images may have changed to protect their privacy.

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